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Kathleen reminds us of what all great fundraising professionals know in their hearts: Fundraising is about facilitating philanthropic partnership, and partnership requires meeting donors “as they prefer.” All major donors, in my experience, want fundraisers to connect with them meaningfully and authentically, and this means, in Kathleen’s words, “designing distinct practices” and “engaging in a curious, enlivened state.” While sharing essential knowledge drawn from research and her extensive experience focusing on women’s philanthropy, she provides a framework for approaching and more fully engaging an increasingly diverse population of donors and potential donors.

Ronald J. Schiller, author of Belief and Confidence: Donors Talk About Successful Philanthropic Partnership (in which more than half of the leading philanthropists interviewed were women!)


As Kathleen points out, knowledge alone does not cause change and so she presents practical advice, relatable stories and a clear path forward for engaging women donors in ways that can truly impact your organization and in turn, our civil society. Her years in the field provides a deep well of “real world” experience which she expertly balances with solid data to provide the perfect blend of heart and head.

Henry L. Berman, Ed.D, CEO, Exponent Philanthropy


Working with Kathleen as our consultant when we launched the Women & Philanthropy Initiative at William and Mary was both delightful and extremely informative. Her professionalism allowed her to be successful whether gathering information from some of our most important women or sharing her recommendations with leadership at the College. She quickly came to understand the culture of the William and Mary community and then to position herself to share her deep knowledge effectively with multiple audiences. We are pleased to continue to benefit from her knowledge, her advice and her network of others working in the field.

Sue Roache Warner, Director of Volunteer Management, College of William & Mary