Through individual (executives) and facilitated group work (e.g. the C-suite, the Board, the development team), Kathleen partners with your organization to create effective and sustained impact. Trained in the Appreciative Inquiry change management model, Kathleen combines nonprofit expertise, coaching, and strategy to help individuals and groups navigate the changes they commit to.

Kathleen knows it is impossible to think ourselves to change. Nor can systemic change happen with one person. Only through acting differently can a team or organization move toward the desired change and then sustain it. For that reason, Kathleen works directly with her clients as they work through the change cycle:


The Change Cycle

DISCOVER strengths, values, historic practices that may no longer serve, opportunities and current facts about the issue at hand. This step can be accomplished through advance analysis, facilitated meetings, and/or interviews with stakeholders.



DREAM and imagine in detail a desired future state. Then declare a powerful, compelling yet practical vision. This vision is an organizing tool for individuals, teams and organizations. It begins to move people forward, together. This phase can be accomplished with a stimulating, facilitated meeting that leaves participants energized, aligned, engaged and ready to move toward new possibilities.



DESIGN based on what was discovered, and the declared vision. Choose specific mechanisms  – such as key process improvements, database modification, partnerships, agreements, training, metrics or new tools. Name the specific stakeholders needed to implement the change. Cross-functional thinking, innovative ideas and open-mindedness are core components for the participants in the design meeting.



Create your DESTINY.  Implementing the chosen Design is more than timelines and good project accountability.  This stage unleashes ideas, adaptations and cooperation in previously unimagined ways. The team or organization becomes different when the vision is achieved. They now operate at a “new normal.”  Kathleen helps guide the client to connect dots, see with new eyes and continue practicing new behaviors, unblocking when barriers appear.



TRAINING: Throughout her partnership with a client, Kathleen provides training as needed to provide context, deepen understanding and develop skills.





Kathleen is both strategic and can drill into detail.  At Heifer she was a partner to the development team and helped them identify middle donors as a key opportunity.  She coached key staff and facilitated planning.  The middle donor program that resulted brought resources and focus to this underdeveloped donor segment and contributed to growth and diversification.

Steve Denne, former Chief Operating Officer, Heifer International


Kathleen Loehr brings clear thinking and wise counsel to fundraising, demystifying the task in the process.  She has enlivened the fundraising of our board and staff – raising their comfort levels, demonstrating that each person has something important to contribute, and helping us build stronger relationships with donors.  Her deep understanding of how nonprofits function helps organizations to fully integrate fundraising with overall mission and to develop fundraising strategies that play to an organization’s strengths.  And she is great to work with besides.

Robert J. Fersh, President and Founder, Convergence Center for Policy Resolution