Kathleen partners with The Williams Group to provide family philanthropic coaching.

Since 1964, The Williams Group has been helping families create and/or keep family unity through generational wealth transitions. Breakdowns of trust and communication are the root causes of over two-thirds of families unsuccessfully retaining their wealth into the next generation.

As families create or re-affirm their family values and create a mission for the family wealth, they often consider philanthropy. In those moments, Kathleen joins The Williams Group team of experienced coaches to help guide the philanthropic conversations. What legacy do they want? What impact? How might they organize themselves to do good in the world? How do they pass philanthropic values and practices to the next generation?

Kathleen can help your family answer these questions and more.  CONTACT KATHLEEN FOR MORE INFORMATION >>


Kathleen has an uncanny and valuable ability to listen to a client’s vision and co-design an efficient way for them to reach their goals. Her deep knowledge of human nature and philanthropy are a powerful combination that lays the foundation for families to make great contributions to their community and the world.

Amy Castoro, President and CEO, The Williams Group


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