I Provide A Unique Offer for Nonprofit Leaders To Successfully Deliver On Commitments.

Focus is on Leadership Practice, Not Theory

  • Through a process of recurrent practices around work commitments, new behaviors allow more choice in leadership decisions and actions.
  • Work has benefitted corporate CEOs to military strategists, psychologists to social activists, nonprofit leaders to small business owners.
  • Co-design of goals as well as behavioral practices for leadership skills that will consistently & effectively achieve those goals.

Focus is on a Whole Person Approach to Change

  • It is not enough to just be knowledgeable in today’s world.
  • It is necessary to act and perform in new ways. This is embodied learning that will stay with you.
  • Your progress will be assessed by ability to take new actions.

This commitment-based training can result in people acting in situations such as relationships, strategy, processes and communication with 85% more successful outcomes.



Specific Outcomes Can Include:

Clearly embodied leadership presence and vision.
✪ Strong trust & coordination.
✪ Ability to manage conflict.

✪ Ability to make and manage bold commitments.
✪ Decision making based on broader perspectives.
✪ Ability to mobilize self and team toward solutions.

Combined, this results in the leader consistently choosing effective and efficient actions to fulfill on their vision.




The methods are grounded in a long study of ancient wisdom traditions, western psychology and whole body disciplines. The current conversations about neuroscience and leadership give scientific grounding for the effectiveness of embodied learning. Through the balance of focused inquiry and practice, individuals and teams align actions with values & commitments, to more consistently fulfill on commitments. For more information, see http://www.strozziinstitute.com.