I am a catalyst to help accelerate and scale women’s philanthropy.

Women are now in the philanthropic driver’s seat, given the increased money we are earning, and the equal or higher amount that we are inheriting due to the intergenerational transfer of wealth. In most houses we also make and/or influence the philanthropic decisions.

And yet the majority of non profits have not caught up to this fact.

I help organizations adapt fundraising practices to gain increased engagement and financial commitment from women.


Women Control The Majority Of Wealth In This Country And Are The Household’s Chief Financial Officers

Women are not taken as seriously as men in the fundraising world. Consumer companies market products towards women — they recognize that women control the majority of wealth in this country and are the household’s chief financial officers. It is simply good business and increases the bottom-line. Yet the majority of nonprofits and universities have not paid attention and adjusted fundraising practices to align with how women approach philanthropy and effectively tap into this resource.

When we adapt our fundraising behaviors to connect with women as they prefer, we also create the fundraising practices that better align with younger donors and donors of differing ethnicities.  The times have changed and our fundraising must evolve as well.

Now is the time to capitalize on and accelerate women’s philanthropy. Otherwise we are leaving significant dollars on the table – from today’s philanthropic drivers as well as future ones – at a time when more funds are needed to solve challenging issues in our communities and country.


Here’s How I Work To Accelerate Women’s Philanthropy

  • I guide nonprofits and universities to create strategies, practical actions and behavioral changes in their fundraising processes so as to grow women’s engagement, leadership and philanthropy. Please visit the Organizations page to learn more.