If you want to align your organization in new understanding and actions, whether it’s a team of ten or ten teams, Kathleen will work with you to co-create a workshop tailored to your needs.

  • During their time with Kathleen, participants make vital links between research and facts, as well as their current beliefs and actual behaviors.
  • They look at current behaviors that may hinder the achievement of new goals and try out new practices.
  • Kathleen’s goal is to share compelling information AND guide experiences in the workshop so that participants have actually started new actions and conversations before they return to their desks.


Kathleen’s Philosophy:

We are what we practice. Consider driving a car. We go from interest in driving, to learning how to drive, to practicing over and over, to then driving without thinking. Once we learn to drive, we are drivers.

We choose behaviors to achieve a goal we desire, practice them over and over and, at some point, we can effortlessly, almost unconsciously, gain the same result regularly without thinking. This is the embodiment of skills that serve us.

When there are new opportunities and new results we desire, it’s time to learn new skills. This takes awareness and practice. Imagine riding cross country on a motorcycle. Knowing how to drive a car does not automatically make you a competent motorcyclist. You’ll need to acquire new skills—body positioning for balance, heightened awareness of surrounding traffic and greater attentiveness to conditions that present safety hazards.

You will practice these new skills, first with awkwardness, then with greater ease. In time, you are effortlessly doing something you previously could not. Coming out of Kathleen’s workshops you already will have begun to embody these new skills.  You are becoming a more successful fundraiser and/or leader.

When you are ready to tackle a new goal or vision, often we need to start with ourselves.

  • Which current behaviors can we accelerate?
  • Which ones may no longer serve?

Simply knowing that we want to change is clearly not enough.  Change doesn’t happen when we’ve gained knowledge. Change happens when we use that knowledge to engage in new practices that alters who we are and how we appear to others. Only when we consistently act differently will we have a greater likelihood to successfully achieve new commitments and goals.


Workshop Topics:

Kathleen is well known for her workshops on Women’s Philanthropy, as well as on Strategic Planning.

She also continues to do workshops on:

  • General Fundraising
  • Cultivating Major Donors
  • Breaking Down Fundraising Silos
  • Asking Powerful Questions

If you want a workshop designed for your current philanthropic objectives, CONTACT KATHLEEN FOR MORE INFORMATION >>


You guided our strategic conversation today in sterling fashion. We owe you a tremendous debt of gratitude for keeping the conversation focused, on target, and specific. When folks attempted to ideate, you brought them back to the job at hand with a firm but graceful and warm touch. Thank you for your leadership. Watching you perform such magic is an inspiring and moving experience.

Andrea Pactor, Interim Director, Women’s Philanthropy Institute


Thanks to Kathleen, the Alpha Phi Foundation Steering Committee kickoff weekend was a huge success! She took the time to truly understand our organization and our project and provide us with a remarkable workshop that has successfully launched our campaign.

Amy Peebles, Executive Director, Alpha Phi Foundation


Kathleen facilitated a 3-hour workshop for 15 of our top volunteers, which was incredibly well received as the feedback was amazing.  Kathleen shared facts and statistics about differences in how women and men give that was relevant in creating a context.  We also spent time doing practical role plays which gave this group the confidence they were lacking to solicit for our organization.  Kathleen did an incredible job of reading the group; I highly recommend her.

Marni Davis, Director, Women’s Philanthropy, Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia