Kathleen helps you design your unique fundraising strategy by guiding you to:


DISCOVER: What is already in your database?  What do your donors think? Any external pressures? Is your case compelling? How are leaders involved?


  • Where are our revenue strengths? Opportunities?
  • What do our donors think of us?



DREAM: What is your practical vision to grow philanthropy based on what you’ve discovered? Where are the opportunities and what are your strengths?

Sample Vision

  • Our donor stewardship is growing donors support, loyalty and pipeline
  • 50% of our leadership gifts will come from new donors



DESIGN: What are the specific actions, processes and behaviors you will need to adapt to achieve your vision?  Who needs to be involved?

What changes are needed to:

  • Communicate impact with clearer resonance to donors?
  • Move 30% of our donors from annual givers to partners making significant gifts?



DESTINY: How will you guide key stakeholders to integrate change so it becomes your “new normal?” Who needs coaching and/or facilitation to help your organization reach its highest potential?

Sample Sustained Changes

  • Our integrated fundraising consistently raises 10% more support each year
  • Our donors and leadership reflect today’s demographics.



Kathleen also provides practical training on integrating fundraising, leadership involvement, communication, engagement, donor portfolios and visits, cultivation, stewardship and metrics/reporting.




A game changer, Kathleen understands the dimensions and demands of transformation. She is deeply intuitive and instinctive with others, recognizing the challenges each individual will face. She speaks with grace and authority whether she is with one person or talking to a room of 100, clarifying, challenging and celebrating as need be.

Martha Johnson, Former Administrator, GSA (General Services Administration)


I’ve known Kathleen for over a decade – first as a colleague and then as a resource after I left the Red Cross. The one thing that hasn’t changed in all those years is her skill set. Kathleen is a superb fundraiser as evidenced by her resume. She’s articulate, thoughtful, and passionate. But what makes her stand out is her strategic insight. Working as your partner, Kathleen helps you visualize and then execute. I highly recommend her and hope I have the opportunity to work with her again.

B. Susan Davis, VP of Development, The Center for American and International Law