Kathleen provides a unique offer for women leaders to successfully grow their leadership presence and deliver on commitments

Focus is on leadership practice, not theory

  • Through a process of recurrent practices around work commitments, new behaviors allow more choice in leadership decisions and actions
  • We co-design goals as well as behavioral practices for leadership skills that will consistently and effectively achieve the desired outcomes

Focus is on a whole person approach to change

  • It is not enough to be knowledgeable in today’s world
  • It is necessary to act and perform in new ways, then practice these new skills so the learning becomes embodied, staying with you when you most need it
  • Your progress will be assessed by your ability to take new actions

This commitment-based training results in more consistency and reliability in relationships, strategy, processes and communication. Kathleen’s coaching has benefitted women in the C-Suites of numerous nonprofits.


Specific Outcomes can include:
  • Clearly embodied leadership presence and vision
  • Strong trust and coordination
  • Ability to manage conflict
  • Ability to make and manage bold commitments
  • Decision-making based on broader perspectives
  • Ability to mobilize self and team toward solutions
  • Greater resilience

Combined, these outcomes result in a woman leader who consistently chooses effective and efficient actions to fulfill her vision. This ability to actualize her vision leads others to assess her as an effective leader.



The methods are grounded in a long study of ancient wisdom traditions, western psychology and whole-body disciplines
The current research in both neuroscience and leadership gives scientific grounding for the effectiveness of embodied learning
Through a balance of focused inquiry and practice, individuals and teams align actions with values and commitments, allowing them to more consistently fulfill those commitments

For more information on the methodology, see http://www.strozziinstitute.com



Kathleen was my coach for eighteen months. Now several years later, I still hark back to the lessons and experiences of my time with her. Her coaching is unique in its depth, personalization, focus on the mind-body connection, and provision of techniques (both mental and physical) that will stay with you for a lifetime. I really can’t say enough about how my time with Kathleen supported my evolution to becoming a stronger, more grounded person overall, a more effective leader and, most importantly, more able to handle the ups and downs of a challenging, ambitious career. If you have the wonderful opportunity to work with a coach, I highly recommend Kathleen.

Christine Samuel, Sr. Director, Individual Philanthropy, Save the Children US


I appreciate Kathleen’s wisdom, authenticity, and deep commitment to embodied leadership. Her ability to responsively and skillfully pivot between using coaching and consulting approaches in support of my learning and growth objectives has been tremendously valuable.

Kristen Uhler-McKeown, Director of Public Programs, Equal Justice Works