Women’s Philanthropy Strategy
Kathleen is your partner and coach to create the overarching strategies, practical actions and behavioral changes in your fundraising processes that will grow women’s engagement, leadership and philanthropy in a sustained way. LEARN MORE >>


Fundraising Strategy
With a fundraising career spanning over 35 years and training as a leadership coach, Kathleen brings deep experience to help you identify YOUR best strategies to grow revenue.  LEARN MORE >>



When hired as a consultant, Kathleen approaches the engagement as your partner. Acting as a leveraged, temporal part of your C-suite, Kathleen will co-design what’s needed together with you. She brings remarkable insights due to her deep expertise in nonprofit strategy, leadership and fundraising. Chances are good, that no matter what the situation, Kathleen has experienced the kinds of challenges your organization’s leaders and volunteers face. LEARN MORE >>



Knowledge alone is not enough to cause change. So Kathleen’s speeches are full of real stories from the field, practical examples and recommendations. Also bringing her acumen as a leadership coach, she gets people up, practicing new behaviors that transfer from the event directly to the workplace. Her focus is always to move people into action – life is too short not to make the changes necessary to achieve our goals and commitments!! Kathleen works with the client or organizer to design her talks to both inspire participants and arm them with tools to work with immediately. LEARN MORE >>



Individual or Teams
Women face specific challenges as they grow into their identity as leaders.  Subtle, and not so subtle, social norms have shaped many to be careful rather than assertive. Many raise their hands or speak up less often than men. They may prefer to make an impact from behind the scenes rather than taking a high-profile position. And, unlike men who take charge, women who are assertive and decisive are often seen as aggressive.

The nonprofit sector needs more women in leadership roles to grow innovation, new connections and strong funding and outcomes. Kathleen coaches women, both executives and  those rising in nonprofit leadership, to develop skillful actions to show up as the leaders they desire to be, not as they’ve been shaped in the past. LEARN MORE >>

Family Philanthropic Coaching




Kathleen’s workshops are designed for groups who are ready to learn, practice and move into action together. Her workshops are ideal for development committees, boards, fundraising units, and cross-functional teams focused on women’s philanthropy. LEARN MORE >>