Kathleen helps you design your unique strategy to engage women and grow their philanthropy by guiding you to:


DISCOVER: What is already in your database? Does it allow you to show the potential of women donors?  What do your women donors and stakeholders think? What unconscious fundraising patterns get in your way?


  • How do women currently give to us?
  • What does the research say?
  • What do our women donors say about us?



DREAM: What is your practical vision to grow women’s philanthropy based on what you’ve discovered?

Sample Vision

  • Our intentional fundraising is inclusive and resonates with women.
  • We will double the # of women leaders in 2 years.
  • 30% more women are at the major gift level after our campaign



DESIGN: What are the specific actions, behaviors, processes, and database design you will adapt to achieve your vision? Who needs to be involved?

What changes are needed to:

  • Ask women about their values and networks?
  • Make sure our communication resonates with women?
  • Track the whole family, not just individuals?



DESTINY: How will you guide key stakeholders to integrate change so it becomes your “new normal?” Who needs coaching and/or facilitation to help your organization reach its highest potential?

Sample Sustained Changes

  • Women are 50% of our volunteer leaders
  • Our donor portfolios are 50% women
  • Women are leading our campaigns and major gift efforts



Kathleen also speaks as well as provides practical training on women’s philanthropy implementation: communication, engagement, donor portfolios and metrics, cultivation, solicitation, and stewardship.




Engaging Women in Philanthropy: Practical Ways to Shift Our Approach



Kathleen was a terrific resource and asset to us as we launched our planning for William & Mary’s Women & Philanthropy initiative.  She provided valuable knowledge about resources for our work, other programs and key contacts.  She was instrumental in guiding us through the planning and research stage and then helping us formulate our strategic plan based on our findings and goals.  She has continued to share her expertise and guidance as we begin to implement the plan.  We consider her a vital partner in the success of our work to date.

Lee Foster, Executive Director of Principal Gifts & Foundation Operations, College of William & Mary


Kathleen Loehr so cogently puts in words what we as women philanthropic leaders intuitively know – gender absolutely matters in philanthropic decision-making.  Loehr’s inquiry-based analysis of how fundraisers can collaboratively discover, dream, design, and create destiny for women philanthropists is a game-changer in how we think of approaches to gender-based giving.

Judy Altenberg, Immediate Past Chair, National Women’s Philanthropy, Jewish Federations of North America